Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Advice For Bloggers

There are many ways to optimize your blog for the search engines. In most cases they can be optimized the same way you would a website. Below are a few ways to get your blog a lot of search engine traffic.

1. Make sure the keyword you are targeting is in the title of the blog and also in the address.

2. Your description for your blog should use your main keywords at least two or three times.

3. Use RSS feeds. Sign up for Yahoo, MSN and Google.

4. Social bookmarking has become very popular in terms of getting your blog visited. Bookmarking and tagging will get you more relevant traffic. You get to name your own keywords instead of letting the search engines decide which ones to use. Technorati is a must if you are going to use social bookmarking.

Get creative. Get your message out there any way you can. There are many, many more ways to use SEO to make your blog more papular to attract more visitors and more shoppers. Start putting some effort into your SEO and you will start seeing a difference.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Make Money Blogging

Don't let the blogging craze leave you in the dust. Jump on the gravy train and start blogging for profit.

Sell ad space. If you are providing valuable content you can sell ad space on your blog to make money. Some large corporations are on the lookout for blogs with a good following. You can allow others to place banner ads, classified ads, solo ads and sponsor ads to generate income. Google Adsense is a very popular way to make money from ads. You will get paid every time someone clicks on a Google Adsense ad.

Joint venture marketing is also a powerful marketing strategy. When you enter a joint venture you are promoting or endorsing certain products. You will then split the profits made. If you have a good following, a lot of people will want to JV with you.

You can also use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. You can find a product through places like Commission Junction or Clickbank that relates to your blog and you can recommend to your readers that product. You will receive a commission on each product sold through your blog.

Ebooks are another way to use your blog to make money. Your blog content can be converted into an ebook which you can then market for extra money.

There are many ways to make money blogging. The first step is to get your blog set up, decide which method of monetization you are going to use and then get going. It's fun and easy to be a blogger and even more fun to make money while doing it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Social Sites For More Traffic

If you want to be successful in your internet marketing you know the most important thing you need is customers. You want people to come by your site and see your products and read your posts. The more traffic you get, the better chance you will have to make money. Using social sites is a good way to get more traffic to your site.

Most social sites rank well with the search engines and are hit by millions of people every day. Therefore, this is a good way to reach many people. In order to truly benefit from your social sites, you need to work hard to get people to come to it. You can't let it just stagnate and hope you will get some visitors.

Regular updating of your content is one of the main things you will want to do. Also, add friends on the site so that you will have a list to send messages to anytime you want.

Making posts on other people's sites will broaden the chances of them visiting your site and commenting.

Never spam a social site. People are very hip to this now and can spot a spammer right away. Sincerely enjoy and use your social site and you will build many contacts and friendships.

Choose a site that is in your niche and that you can relate to. Use good content to build your page and use the old 'meet and greet". Before you know it you will have lots of new friends and lots of potential customers.

Marilyn Roberts

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Blog Community - Hi! Neighbors

As your blog starts to grow with interesting and frequent content, you will find yourself getting more known in the blogging community. You can use a script for tracking your traffic to see where you are getting your visitors from. If a lot of the visitors are coming from a particular blog, it is likely they linked to you from their page or maybe mentioned you in a post. Then you can visit them and leave a comment.

If your blog cannot track traffic, you can visit other blogs and make comments linking back to your blog. Make sure you have a legitimate post that offers something to the conversation.

Eventually you will build up a lot of friends that are interested in your niche. If you are running short on creative posts for your blog, you can write about what someone else has posted on their blog or even interview another blog owner.

The blog community is growing ever larger every day. Join in, be a good neighbor, and you will see your traffic stats rise and your friendships grow.

Marilyn Roberts

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Make Your Blog Interesting And Attractive

Not everyone is articulate and sometimes it is hard to convey your message in an interesting and expressive way. Below are a few tips to make your blog posts more effective and acceptable to a global audience.

1. Practice - To become a successful blogger you must practice, and then practice some more. Over time your posts will become more of a reflection of your attitude and style and offer a more cohesive message to your readers. The old adage "practice makes perfect" is especially true when you are trying to hone your craft of being a blogger. After awhile you can look back on your earlier posts and see the spiral of your amateur blogging posts consistently becoming more of your own self-development and growth as an interesting and articulate writer. Write often, write daily, practice, practice, practice.

2. Good Vocabulary - Not everyone is skilled in using correct vocabulary but it is a necessary skill when aspiring to become a blogger respected by the blogging community and by your readers. You do not have to use big words or saturate your writing with obscure and too technical terms but you need to show that you are articulate and can talk about your subject with not only your expertise but also using correct terminology. You can connect with your audience while still using good vocabulary skills and gaining respect overall for your ability to communicate effectively.

3. Spelling and Grammar Skills - A lot of people do not realize how important these two skills are when trying to establish your name on the internet. There are a lot of ebooks, reports, and even sales pages that are riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. A lot of blogs are also full of these errors. Even if your blog is more of a personal journal just for family and friends, you need to show your respect for your audience by trying to make your posts as correct as possible and to keep them as error free as possible. People tend to take a person's writing as a reflection of the person and you want your reflection to shine, to stand out, to be reprinted on other people's sites and to garner respect for your abilities as a writer and blogger.

You may consider yourself just a blogger but you are on your way to becoming a writer. A lot of practice, good vocabulary and good spelling and grammar skills are qualities you want to strive for as you continue to grow as a blogger and a writer.

Marilyn Roberts

Friday, September 28, 2007

Writer's Block in Blogging?

We all get it at one time or another, blogger's block. Maybe it's because we have written so many articles and blog posts that we are out of ideas for any more. You could also just be bored with your blog niche and can't think of anything else to say and have just lost interest.

There are some ways to get back on track and start blogging again. Remember, adding content to your blog is your best traffic magnet. I have listed some ways below that may inspire you to sit at your keyboard and get started.

1. Instead of just writing another article, consider adding some pictures to your blog or some videos. Play around with it. You might find you will get a lot of comments about your pictures and this could renew your interest in your niche.

2. Research and write about something in your niche that is offbeat or never before thought of pertaining to your niche. I bet you would come up with some longtail keywords that most people haven't even considered. For example, say your niche is about "blogging". Research the many different people that blog such as clowns, line dancers, princesses, etc. Here's a title: "Blogging Clowns?" Make it fun, make it different.

3. Visit other blogs and see what everyone is talking about. Don't be shy! Make some comments. You might get some feedback that you can put on your blog.

4. Read the newspapers and watch the news on TV. Some of the most unlikely things may boost your creative imagination and provide you with a good blog post.

5. Fall in love with your niche again. Treat your subject as if you knew nothing about it. Research it to death. Read articles. Visit forums. If you do this for a couple of weeks or a month, then you will probably learn a lot that you didn't already know and will be well on your way to becoming an expert in your particular niche.

Don't give up! A blogging block can be overcome. Don't consider it a chore. Consider it a challenge. Before you shuffle your blog to the side and start a new one, put every effort into your old one. Those efforts will be rewarded with a new spark of interest and a feeling of accomplishment instead of failure.

So dig our your axe and chop down that block. Start blogging!

Marilyn Roberts

Thursday, August 9, 2007

RSS Feeds and Your Blog

As blogging is attracting the attention of many marketers, the different ways to promote blogs is increasing. Using RSS feeds is one way to get your blog noticed.

Most blogs have an RSS button. This is so that anyone can get updates each time you post to your blog.

You can make it easy for anyone to subscribe to your updates by putting an RSS btton on every post page.

If you do not know how to use the RSS feeds you can go to Feed Burner or Feed Blitz who give instructions about how to get your blog's feed burned and presented in an easy to subscribe to form.

Blog RSS feeds are a good way to get your posts out to people interested in your niche topic. People can even receive your RSS feed by email, which makes it very convenient for them.

Don't neglect this very important part of blog marketing. RSS feeds need to be a part of your blog marketing campaign to maximize your blog's exposure.